Dakati Kennels
Long Road Game Dogs
Breeder of the Purest Family of Game dogs alive
today.  Rod Kershner began his strain of Bulldogs in
1989, from the best of Don Mayfield/Tudor's dogs.
Today the strain that they started over 100 year
ago is still continuing at his yard.  The knowledge
that Don Mayfield got from Earl Tudor, he passed
on to Rod, and he has been doing that for over
sixteen years now.
CDPITS Weight Pull Harnesses since 1998
This is where we get our harnesses.  High quality
harnesses from a high quality person.
ADBA American Dog Breeders Association
Registry for the American Pit Bull Terrier.
Blue Cast K-9's
Quality Blue American Pit Bull Terriers.  Our dogs
are bred for companionship and weight pulling.  We
also offer canine education and behavioral